It was one of the Icelandic miracles hat the installation of the exhibition finished on time. A hook in the selling, promised by mail, takes about 1,5 days. In order to install the outdoor sculptures, the neighboring Nettomanager had to become active. What one can learn from Icelanders is that that one can master the chaos despite of the initial uncertainty. They are, as a seafarer nation, existentially dependent on the mercy of wind and weather. And it is a state of art to be in peace with  this acquiescence to nature. Rappaports art surrenders to the weather and the climate between humans, thus built an interconnection.
The amazement of the visitors, that came to the Hornafjördur Art Museum to see the unusual wooden art objects, was perceptible. The mayor of Horndafjordur came personally and thanked Rapport for giving an insight into a an alien and at the same time acquaint wood culture.