At the laguna there is being built a Welcome Center by the „Glacier Boat Trip“ company owner Steinthor. We are welcome to facilities of the contractor. It is quite comfortable and they even have a new laundry machine. Our basic needs are taken care of.

Now there are the questions concerning the project: Where at the beach is a good place to set up the atelier? There is a rocky road leading up to the laguna, however not close enough to the atelier and most of the tools and wood sculptures are too heavy to carry. To get the Global Raft into the water, we have to wait for the help of a nearby farmer till the next day. And in order to pull the materials further across the water to the ateliers beach, we will have to talk to Steinthor, the Boat owner.

We are lucky in terms of the weather, the arctic summer still greets us with sun, no rain and only little wind. The conditions are perfect for the drone, we make our first flight over the glacier and the lagoon, our home for the next 10 days.